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Step Through the 2012 Gateway and Beyond with the Power
& Celebration of Drumming

Dear Friends,
It has been so refreshing to be washed and bathed by the rains here in California, all the while knowing Oya has the power to remove and destroy anything in her path. Last night she ripped through the trees in the forests calling us all to come out of hiding, she shook and rocked my tiny house daring me to trust all of life. She is strongly calling us to move quickly with the winds of change in our lives, that which lives inside of us and outside of us in nature.

Mama wind is calling for us to rethink how we make our way on the earth. How much longer will we delay the change we know must happen now? All we intuitively know now must be done in a sacred manner. It is true we are ready to shift while also being afraid of the unknown. Oya, the big mama of transformation and clearing says that all it takes is a leap of faith and a little bit of wisdom so step into the path. Passion is calling us forth into beginnings where trust is our home! Stay warm, dry, and truthful about your needs, desires, and passions!

One love,

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