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Africa 2005 Project

What is the Africa 2005 Project about?
The Africa 2005 Project is about furthering the development of Spirit Drumz, a national organization for women and youth of all cultures that uses the drumz of African Diaspora as tools for empowement, healing and liberation. Our goal is to send our Executive Director and Visionary leader, Afia Walking Tree to Africa to increase her skills as a master drummer, and bring back tools that will enhance the work of Spirit Drumz in our communities and in the world.

Which countries in Africa?
Guinea, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso (see maps of these countries)

When is she going?
From January 2005 for three months

What is the cost?
$20,000: Overhead for keeping Spirit Drumz and the Underground open; Air and land fares for international and inter-country travel; Vaccinations and insurances; Fees for studying with master drummers, dancers, griots, shamans; Food and lodging; Travel supplies (luggage and locks, backpack, sleeping bag, portable water filter, etc.); Gifts for host families and chaperones; Miscellaneous expenses.

Thank you to our Donors!

Still have questions?
Laurie McWhorter, Spirit Drumz Fund Developer

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