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Have drum will travel... here we grow!

Sonoma County Drum & Dance Jam
Friday, Dec 7, 2012 at Green Valley Village Rhythm Arts Sanctuary

Goddess Crafts Faire Dec 15 & 16, 2012
515pm - Afia & Friends set: Liz Boubion, Regina Wells, Copperwoman, and intermediate drum students: Larissa Montfort, Marchelle, Sheridan Gold
615pm - Everybody Drum & Dance Jam faciliated by Afia
held at Sebastopol Community Center

Women's Visioning Ritual Jan 12 - 13 2013

Day of visioning, ritual, vision boards + day of practical applications to realizing dreams. This is an excellent way to begin the year and to anchor in your visions of change for yourself. Women only please. Faciliated by Evalena Rose & Afia Walking Tree in Sebastopol at Love Journey Temple. REGISTER NOW!!! http://www.tantraforwomen.com/visioning.html


Feb 14, 2013: Strike, dance, rise - violence prevention against women February 14, 2013 join us all over the globe and in the CA Bay Area! Stay tuned for how you can contribute and be a part of this! http://www.onebillionrising.org

Women Drummers International Monthly Women's Drum Sundays in Oakland, CA and our Born to Drum Camp in July 2013! www.womendrummers.org

Million Women Drummers Gathering October 11-13, 2013 Join our CA Bay Area contingency...http://millionwomendrummers.com

Register directly with each institution please

Indigenous Wisdom & Drumming Course at Holy Names University, Sophia Center, Oakland, CA Spring 2013…. Register Now!! http://www.hnu.edu/sophia/semester.html

Embodied Drumming as Sacred Arts Practice at Sofia University, formerly known as Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, Palo Alto, CA Spring 2013 Register Now! http://www.sofia.edu/home.php

North Carolina First Women's Drum Camp May 24 - 26 Mark your calendar, more details soon!

Ontario Women's Drum Camp June 6 - 9 2013 in Ontario, Canada Register at http://drumcamps.ca


WALKING TREE ESSENTIALS is in our 6th year and is a Permaculture Landscape Design, Garden, Build & Care network of professionals that includes a core team: Alex Margoiles, Liz Boubion, Salvador Beccera, Nico Morris, and Jason Smith, to name a few.

Begin 2013 with a new garden design, clear out your yard and make space for new growth in the spring; transform your lawn into a food forest, deal with water issues! Re-use, recycle, re-allocate resources via composting, rainwater catchment, grey water re-distribution, and learn more unique ways of creating more intuitive permaculture solutions in your urban, sub-urban, or rural environment. Be a part of the wave and allow your life to be transformed by your relationship to your living environment. Here is a little more of our offerings. Website coming soon with pics and video! www.spiritdrumz.org/walkingtreeessentials.htm
Contact us at WalkingTreeEss@me.com
1 hr Free Consultation

PRIVATE SESSIONS - Drumming, Embodied healing, Life Coaching, Vision Tending, and the re-introduction of Body, Mind, Spirit Purification Cleanse (begins in February)

SEMI-PRIVATES SESSIONS - Two to Six people can create much change and transformation together visions and intentions that when held together weave a strong cord of trust, bonding, willingness, and companionship in moving through any desires be it

Blessingways are based in West Afrakan, Jamaican, Lakota, Buddhist and earth-based elemental practices.

BIRTH & DEATH BLESSINGWAYS - Appropriate for new births, rebirths, releasements, grieving, and visioning

For more information on these offerings contact me at spiritdrumz@me.com

I AM TAKING A SURVEY - Are You Interested?

SURVEY NUMBER ONE - Women on the Land
Are you a Woman Interested in Investing Money and Sweat to purchase land with a small circle in the North Bay or Beyond?

If your response is yes and you are ready to go deeper into this exploration of home on the land, please send us an email.
Forming a intimate collective of women creating wholesome Life Arts Practices, Culturally Diverse, Sustainable Eco-Trade Village. We are planning a goal tending skype circle in February 2013.

Sign up here to join in on the call: spiritdrumz@me.com

SURVEY NUMBER TWO - Jamaica Drum & Dance
Are you interested in going on a 2-3 week Drum & Dance Cultural Immersion in Jamaica, West Indies, where I was born and raised?
If your response is yes, please email me with your interest.
The timing of the trip might be some time in Dec 2013 to January 2014. spiritdrumz@me.com


Classes cancelled for Dec. 4, 11 & 18
due to low attendance and space restructuring for winter months. We will reconvene classes in 2013.
Have a restorative winter holy days see u in the new year!

Please contact Afia if you would like to
host a course at your location.


Many Indigenous wisdom practices hold the drum as as central voice. Some even honor the drum as the grandmother's voice, the voice of spirit and transformation. Some traditional drum rhythms and songs were codified with messages and vibrations that when placed within an intentional context, were able to transform illnesses; remove spells; empower warriors; call to allies from afar; and create harmony within a war-torn village. Ailments like fear, depression, apathy, stress, rage were often kept at bay because the drum was used as a daily medicine bringing the village together to sing, dance, pray, play, and commune in ways that offered new energies. With the drum as our foundational voice, we welcome in the mysteries it's here to teach us now. In our 9 weeks together, we will come to know 3-6 ancient traditional and contemporary rhythms that will support us in tending our hearts desires through embodying and anchoring music within a community context

Some of the questions we will ask include: Where did the rhythms originate and what was their purpose? How do we utilize these ancient communication tools and strategies codified within a rhythmic language that we have forgotten to help us today? Through singing, archetypal movements, through emoting and in the moment practices we will converse with our deepest selves in community

Magic is afoot, follow your heart and walk in passion and purpose. Here is a breakdown of what we will cover. Each week we will learn over 6 traditional and contemporary rhythms that goes with the themes listed below.

WEEK 1 - Introductions: Lamban: Creating Sacred Space; Grounding Guidelines; Honoring Lineage

WEEK 2 - Elements of Technique: What element of your technique are you wanting to sharpen up?

WEEK 3 - Finding My Drum Song & the Impacts of Drumming in the World Today

WEEK 4 - Dundunbah & Soko: Meeting the Warrior & the Buddha

WEEK 5 - Yamama: Meeting the Warrior Spirit

WEEK 6 - Cleansing our Drumz through the Elements

WEEK 7 - Rehearsing Our Rhythms

WEEK 8 - Rehearsing Our Rhythms

WEEK 9 - Finale Performance - Open to our family & friends and the public - donations welcome for Rhythm Arts Sanctuary

Please bring an item for our community altar that will anchor our journey for the duration of the series. Our practice will be multi-fold and in creating a sacred safe space for us to journey deeply each session. Also bring a journal, your presence, willingness, courage, and non-judgment.


  • Private & Semi-Private Coaching (privates for 1 begin at $60; $40 for 2; 30 for 3 people and so forth)
  • December 18: Finale Performance Ritual of Classes - Open to friends, family,and the public. Proceeds will go towards the Sacred Rhythm Arts Sanctuary (details to be announced later)

Update on Sacred Art & Music Sanctuary

Green Valley Village center barn will provide structure for the organic unfoldment of a regenerative, diverse, "Slow Art" Movement, to accompany and compliment the "Slow Food" Movement and the various ecologically focused projects alive at Green Valley.

We are co-creating a free, safe, and sacred space to embrace diversity, art, music, spirituality, and education that becomes central to the lives of everyone in the community while generating abundant streams of positive vibrations. The sanctuary will be a laboratory for various artistic cottage industry endeavors that are generated from the land. Inspired from the Greek word Carl J. Jung used in expressive arts "Temenos" (a sacred and free space to play and create), the creative sanctuary will house various technologies including a recording studio, performance area; workshop areas; artist studios, as well as a large open circle for community gatherings.

We have been thinking about what some priorities for the project and below is a wish list of items we need in order to begin. Please email me at spiritdrumz@me.com if you can donate any of these items or give of your time. If not, we would gladly appreciate any monetary donations. Thank you for your energies and support.

WISH LIST of MATERIALS for Barn Sanctuary

  • 12 ft corrugated polycarbonate clear roofing for front sliding door

  • 3/4' plywood or Marley flooring (for small stage area)

  • Rigid-foam insulation (compression grade)

  • 2 large clear screen door for sound proofing recording studio walls

  • Lighting - LED 200 watt spot lights; LED string lights (that do not blink)

  • Standing lamps (LED)

  • 3 green extension cords

  • 3 brown/green surge protectors

  • Folding chairs (for large groups)

  • Your well wishes and support in creating a sacred space that will be honored by all

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