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Transformative Leadership: Exploring Our Diversities

Spirit Drumz Cultural Competency Training Programs


In 1994 Afia Walking Tree began developing an integrated diversity training program for educational organizational change, called Transformative Leadership: Exploring Our Diversities (TLEOD). Since then, the TLEOD framework has expanded to provide strategies and accessible tools which advances effective leadership, professional development, and pro-active communication in teams, trainings, and organizations working towards ending all forms of oppression.


Organizations seeking active communication, productivity, and connectivity. We prioritize programs for staff, teachers, students from pre-school to college-level, and from public to private sectors.


TLEODıS comprehensive cross-cultural programs encourage participants to come as they are and explore personal and organizational matters on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Our trainings engage participants in culturally relevant dialogue and affirmative language, which frames present-day cultural awareness, cultural accountability, and activism. Consensus communication, active listening dyads, small and large group discussions, talking circles, and the healing rhythmic vibrations of drumming, movement, chanting, within our programs, establishes strong, lasting foundations, bonds, and opportunities for personal and collective transformation.


Transformative Leadershipıs innovative multi-faceted framework is malleable to your organizationıs goals and is easily partnered with or integrated into already existing programs and strategic plans. TLEOD is a reality based liberation concept from which groundbreaking opportunities for systemic programmic, team building, conflict resolution, and empowerment emerges. Participants develop simple, accessible tools, which enhance awareness, competency, and productivity.


Civic Engagement Project for Children and Families; Equal Rights Advocates of San Francisco; Borders Books; New College of California; California Institute of Integral Studies; Making Waves Education Program; Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations; Vassar College; Liquid Fire Productions; National Center for Lesbian Rights; Marin Services for Women; Oakland Unified School Districts; Santa Cruz School Districts; Pajaro Valley Unified School Districts; San Lorenzo Valley Unified School Districts; Livermore Unified School Districts... see our clients page for a more extensive list.


TLEOD in one word: Empowering; All-inclusive; Enlightening; Necessary Dialogue; Grounding; Understanding; Evolutionary; Opening; Bridge-Building; Journey; Energizing

Great active listening; excellent in setting up grounding rules, making transitions and great pacing; never a dull moment! Especially enjoyed chanting and drumming (total body response); call and response shared in the past two days. ~ Making Waves Education Program

Everything! Specifically the physical movement exercises and the connection bridge with hands at the beginning of each day to join our energies; the creation and re-visiting of grounding guidelines was really empowering- it allowed us to be more honest with each other than we have been in the past. The small group exercises allowed us to be more intimate. ~Making Waves Education Program

Open and non-threatening facilitation. Afia made sure everyone recognized the validity of otherıs thoughts, opinions and inputŠ created a warm and friendly environment that allowed even those who do not normally speak the confidence to air their views. Connected the points and really emphasized the tools we can use instead of just giving a ³solution² to one situation. Helped us flesh out and explore issues and concerns that we were scared/lacking in experience to discuss on our own. ~ AAPCHO

I rate this workshop a 10 because Walking Tree acknowledged, appreciated and worked well with our diversity issues. Her ability to understand and empathize made our discussion more comfortable and by extension enabled us to go further; I want Afia Walking Tree to come back as a facilitator. I feel we have made great strides and would like more of a foundation and direction as we move further. Professionally I feel I am taking the ³ask² and listen aspect as well and the ³pause before assumption² just to be more sensitive to other experiences and how that plays into organizationıs dynamic. ~New College

Loved the way workshop flowed from the beginning with us focusing inward, then moving outward and I especially loved that we were able to create real action plans that each person in our team could implement and ideas for programming and communication throughout the year. ~ Merrill College

The drumming and singing enhanced our experience and made people share more and participate ~Civic Engagement


Afia Walking Tree at 510-534-9603 or walkingtree@spiritdrumz.org to discuss you training needs, contract, and rates.

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