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African Diasporic Drumming Workshops



  • On-Going Class Series
  • Private Sessions
  • Conferences, Staff Development Trainings, School Assemblies 
    FunDRUMentals can be adapted to fit various frameworks and is appropriate for all ages and levels of musical experience! Drums and percussive instruments of the African Diaspora are Afia Walking Tree's focus and specialty! (This includes, but is not limited to: Djembes, Djun Djuns, Congas, Ashikos, Shekere and bells.) Check out our Calendar to see when and where FunDRUMentals is currently being taught.

    Sunfire On-Going Class Series Are you looking for exciting, rejuvenating, technique-based drumming workshops? Would you like to develop your skills playing multiple percussive instruments? FunDRUMentals workshops are adaptable to all levels of experience, ranging from beginners to accomplished percussionists. Afia Walking Tree will explore her/historical contextualization, incorporate original rhythms, offer instruction using drum-specific techniques, encourage "soul-speaking," singing while drumming and facilitate holistic group dynamics! Known for her innovative, personable teaching style, Walking Tree facilitates on-going series.

    FunDRUMentals Intensives
    Awaken Your Voice Within in this rhythmically exciting drum-powerment workshop which honors and validates each person's voice in an orchestra of percussion, song and personal stories. This workshop synthesizes drumming and the expressive arts with reality-based exercises and rich group processes that affirm the individual and community. Be prepared for a journey that places YOU at the center and enhances known and often unacknowledged strengths! We will be holding space for each other to come into our
    authentic voices using the drumz as our vehicle.

    In this way, our drumming is clear, precise, dynamic and awe-inspiring! Expect to journal and explore different creative-healing art forms that are deeply engaging and personal. Each workshop offers a very unique curriculum to suit the needs and levels of the participants. The weekend retreat will allow for participants to deepen their study of drumming and their authentic selves.

    Afia Walking Tree channels legacies of oneness liberation through the drumz, her guides. Walking Tree's multi-level approach to learning drum-specific techniques and rhythms of Congas, Djembes, Dununs, Ashikos, Bells, Shekeres and other hand-held percussive instruments is accessible, exciting, inspiring and catchy! FunDRUMentals Intensives builds on the skills and talents of participants at varying levels of musical experience. Learn
    African drum-talk-stories
    ~ Connect with your personal drum voice, we refer to as "soul-speak"
    ~ Leave with practical tools for playing rhythms, daily tools for empowerment, high energy, spiritual enrichment, personal growth, transformation and RELEASE!
    Walking Tree principles and practices of drumming is simple, practical and astoundingly effective.

    ~Journal, drumz /percussion (drumz provided as well), comfy layered clothing
    ~Open heart, a sense of wonder, playfulness as well as a forgiving mind, and compassionate soul.
    ~Healing tools such as: talisman, gems, candles, sacred waters, photos to add to the community sacred altar we will create.
    ~Favorite snax, water/bottle, cushions, drum stool/chair

    Private Sessions
    Intensify your study with private sessions with Walking Tree. Personalized, challenging and exciting!

    Conferences, Staff Development Trainings, School Assemblies
    We provide an energizing, community-building percussive experience for your event! Together, we build a safe, sacred space for each person to find their drum-voice with a contextual foundation in exploring the origins of the drums. Participants will learn Walking Tree-created rhythms and percussive exercises in this workshop that will rejuvenate, refresh and inspire spiritual growth. (Spirit Drumz can provide drums and percussive instruments.)


    GourdSong Shekere Playing

    One of Walking Tree's specialties! Learn her/history, fundamentals and techniques of playing Shekere and naked gourd through interactive exercises. Finely strung and tuned professional quality Walking Tree Shekeres available for sale.

    GourdSong Shekere Making

    GourdSong, by Afia
    • Create a shekere from start to finish! 
    • Construct your own unique percussive instrument from distinctive gourds and colorful beads 
    • Learn herstory of the shekere and basic playing techniques! 
    • Cost of workshop includes a materials fee that covers: hand-selected, high quality cleaned and polished naked gourds from Northern California, beads drawn from world-wide sources, cord and necessary tools for workshop use.

    Facilitated Drum Djams

    Spirit Drumz is available to facilitate drum circles of any size, with varying levels of experience and encompassing drums of the African Diaspora. Drum Djam Circles are invigorating, accessible and fun stress-relievers for all ages! Learn original drum-songs from Afia Walking Tree's CD, Soul Affirmationz.

    Create a phenomenal orchestra of poly-rhythmic songs, rhythms, chants and body percussion that will affirm community spirit. Together, we will inspire confidence in each other and encourage individuals' "soul-speaking" while facilitating the movement of the group voice.

    Ideal for opening and closing events, conferences, gatherings, rituals!

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