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Afia Walking Tree's First CD: Soul Affirmationz

Soul Affirmationz is an eclectic arrangement of drum-songs— a fusion of West African, Afro-Cuban and Caribbean percussive traditions with hip-hop, R&B soul and spoken word affirmations— all of which give voice to Afia's expansive transcultural experiences.

Afia Walking TreeAfia Walking Tree is a brilliant triple-treat – a singer, composer and percussionist –with stylish musicianship that immediately grabs your attention, holds your heart, and soothes your soul!

Walking Tree skillfully plays no less than 15 instruments throughout her performance (including djembes, congas, djun djuns, naked gourds, shekeres, bells, berimbaus, gourd udus, found objects and other instruments), captivating you with her beautifully rich, sensual and patois-tinged voice. Listen to Soul Affirmationz!

    1.   Mama Souljourn
    2.  Djembe Fiyah
    3.  Take Me Back
    4.  Shekere-Shekere!
    5.  Song for My Soul
    6.   Ye Ye
    7.  Yemaya-OceanSong
    8.   GourdSong
    9.  Time is Precious
    10. Djembe Fiyah! (reprise)
    11. Rediscoveries
    12. Forgive Myself
    13. I Am Alive


Experience the magic of Drum Amazonz Dance Performances

Celebrate the joys of living in the presence of the drumz: Awake, Activated and Free!

Afia Walking Tree taps into our hearts vibrations with riveting, polyrhythmic beats of her drumz, guitars, vocal chanting, and other ancient instrumentation, realigning us into rejuvenation, awakening, and zest!

Afia says, This collection of original drum-songs encourages us to know that the Amazonz of the Drumz have returned to save our earth, realign our hearts, and groom our future offsprings. Drum Amazonz walk freely now, we reign with the vibrationz of the drumz as our tools for liberating all!.

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